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Zipeg is a universal easy to use and freeware file opener for .zip and .rar
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Leo Kuznetsov

Zipeg is a file compression utility for Windows computers. The application is marketed as a free alternative to popular applications like WinRAR and WinZIP.
Unlike the aforementioned applications, Zipeg allows the user to preview most content that is archived in .rar and .zip files, among others. Thus, when looking for a picture inside a .zip file, for instance, you don't have to extract the whole archive and look for it. Zipeg will show a preview of pictures when the user moves the mouse pointer over them. It will also display information about those pictures. If a picture has metadata, Zipeg will display it as well.

Using Zipeg allows you to save files in archives instead of folders and extract files from them with ease. However, if the file that you are opening with Zipeg is big, the application will be slow, since it will be opening parts of the file in advance to offer you a preview. All in all, Zipeg does a good job when previewing pictures from zip or rar files, but that is all that it does. Zipeg 2.4 does not present much improvement in terms of features over past versions. However, the newest version's code has been purged of some bugs that affected the version 2.2. The graphical user interface remains unchanged.

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  • Really useful for people who compress lots of pictures


  • Not really needed nowadays
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